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Television used to be black and white.
Concrete used to just be gray.

With the additions of integral color, stamping, staining, polished, and exposed aggregates, concrete can be formed into a beautiful creation of art and design. If you’re building a new home or adding a new driveway, walkway or patio to your existing home, River’s Edge can help you achieve a higher level of beauty, functionality, and resale value with decorative concrete.


The color chips depicted in this color selector show the approximate color of broom-finished, fully cured decorative concrete flatwork made with a medium gray cement, and a 0.45 to 0.50 water-cement ratio.  Decorative concrete cured with Cemstone Supply Cure and Seal curing compound will be slightly darker in appearance.  There are many factors that can impact the finished appearance of in-place decorative concrete.  Concrete has a natural variation in appearance similar to marble, granite and wood.  The in-place concrete will be affected by the concrete mixture including materials selected, finishing techniques, curing & sealing methods as well as other factors such as weather conditions. 

Sample panels best represent the in-place appearance and are strongly reommended.  These panels are the best mothod of ensuring that the final in-place concrete will not only be the correct color choice, but also the finish that will meet the owner’s expectations.  Since concrete takes 28 days to cure, reviewing sample panels prior may not represent the final cured appearance.


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Concrete Calculators

Our concrete calculator estimates the volume and weight of concrete necessary to cover a given area. Purchasing slightly more concrete than the estimated result can reduce the probability of having insufficient concrete.